Flypaper pedals

I love the idea of these pedals , lower COG, lower profile for clearance…


You must buy the pedals with the crank arms at this stage…
they will only work with some crank arms at this point , explained here:
(from mtbr flypaper thread)

“In order for a crank arm to be compatable with the FlyPapers, it must measure 38 millimeters by 14 millimeters across the center of the pedal hole. Otherwise, there is not enough material left to have the proper strength, after the cranks are modified. The 14 millimeter measurement is fairly common, but most cranks measure 36 millimeters or less in the other direction. At this time, there are only two cranks that I am aware of that meet this criteria, the FSA Gravity GAP Cranks and the FSA Gravity Maxximus Cranks. It would be great if Truvative would make the Hammerschmidt wider at the pedal end, but I don’t see it happening anytime in the near future. What would really be great would be for them to make crankarms with the bearing cups forged right into the end of them. Eventually we hope to be able to produce our own crank sets, but that requires expensive equipment that we do not yet have”

you tube vids:

for more details: Momentum bicycle Flypaper pedals site


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